Just received my first order of 3D printed gold plated brass from Shapeways! I love the quality and resolution.

The models are first printed in wax and the wax is replaced with brass using the lost wax process; it is then polished, nickel plated and gold plated.

Duality Cube

Twirldrop Earrings

Alexa Earrings

More pics of my 3D-printed chanmail necklaces, printed by Shapeways.

Here’s some pics of some of my 3D-printed chainmail bracelets, printed by Shapeways.

There are two sizes of my European 6-in-1 Chainmail bracelet, and my Half-Persian 4-in-1 Chainmail bracelet.

Model pages: European Fine, European Regular, and Half-Persian

Here’s a 3D printed bracelet that I designed for my daughter, Alexa. The bracelet has an easy-open side-release latch. It was printed by Shapeways.

Model page: Diabetic 3D-Printed Bracelet

3D Printed Chainmail, printed by Shapeways.
Next up: chainmail bracelets (bracelets above are in test phase.)

Links to model pages on my shop at Shapeways:

Half-Persian 4-in-1 Chainmail Necklace

Full-Persian Chainmail Necklace

European 6-in-1 Chainmail Necklace

Had a wonderful time hosting the Chicago Shapeways Meetup on February 28th. What a great turnout! Thanks to Eitan Cher, Dan Foley and Sean Kienzle for sharing your 3D samples, and to everyone for sharing your stories and experiences in the realm of 3D printing.

And special thanks to Queue Marketing for letting us use your space!

Getting ready for the Chicago @Shapeways Meetup! #SWmeetup

Getting ready for the Chicago @Shapeways Meetup! #SWmeetup

Two of my flexible woven cup models 3D-printed by

Model pages at Shapeways: cup 1 and cup 2

Video: 3D-Printed Flexible Woven Cups

Two of my 4-color torus models 3-D printed by in colored sandstone, each with 4 color bands winding 9 times around a torus shape.

model pages at Shapeways: small 4-color torus and large 4-color torus

video: 3D-Printed 4-Color Tori

An old one from May, 2011…

Here’s my 3D printed hand-crank fan, printed by Successful SLS (selective laser sintered) test print of a 3D model with all pieces printed in position and no post assembly. The double sets of gears work very smoothly, although the fan itself is expensive and woefully inefficient.

View the movie on YouTube to see the fan in “action.”

Here’s the model page at Shapeways (not currently available for sale): Hand-Crank Fan.